Democrats Warn Governor: Don't Move Ahead with Canal

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The three lawmakers, who include State Senate Leader Don Perata fired off a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger. In it they say they’re shocked that the Administration has “acted unilaterally” to begin work on a peripheral canal around the Delta. They cite recent statements by state officials about authority to move ahead on such a project. 

The canal is a controversial issue—voters rejected a similar plan in the early 1980’s.  Critics say it’s a way for Southern California to gain more access to Northern California water. 

The three lawmakers say if the Schwarzenegger Administration moves ahead on such a project on its own, it will make it difficult for them to negotiate on a broader water deal.  Governor Schwarzenegger was asked about it and said right now he has no such plans for a project.