Lap Dogs While Driving Would Be a No-No Under New Bill

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Republican Assemblyman Bill Maze says dog lovers could still bring Fido along – but he’d be relegated to the passenger seat – or the backseat. Maze’s bill would make driving with any animal on your lap illegal: “When you have small animals and they’re jumping around, I mean, they could get under your feet which could obstruct your use of the breaking system, or even the throttle system, t hey could get caught on it, or entangle in the steering wheel which creates just a real hazard.” Maze says he came up with the bill after seeing drivers with dogs hanging out the driver-side window. The bill does not specify how to keep animals restrained. Maze says the fine for the offense could be up to 146 dollars. He’s likely to face opposition from members of his own party....who have called similar measures examples of “nanny government.”