Paperwork Proposal Would Cut Off Medi-Cal Patients

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, February 25, 2008

The governor’s proposal calls for Medi-Cal patients to file status reports four times a year for benefits. This would quadruple the requirement mainly for adults enrolling their children.

 Wright: “Most of the people would lose coverage not because they were not eligible but because they simply did not fill out the paperwork.” 
That’s Anthony Wright with the consumer advocacy group Health Access California. He says the plan is a back door way for politicians to cut more than 100,000 people off in the next fiscal year.

But, Toby Douglas with the Department of Health Care Services says this could save more than $90 million during a budget crisis.

Douglas: “A simplified status update every three months ensures that we’re spending our dollars on those who truly need this program.” 

Lawmakers are expected to examine the proposal in the next few months.