Schwarzenegger Calls For More Belt-Tightening

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Schwarzenegger signed an executive order that he says will help save the state about 100 million dollars. It calls for a hiring freeze, limits on travel and the elimination of some media campaigns. He also urged lawmakers to make budget cuts and changes by March...rather than the summer as they usually do: “I just want to remind the legislators that every day we wait we’re going to have to make more cuts.” Schwarzenegger says if lawmakers work things out by March, then cuts could go into effect when the new fiscal year starts in July. Schwarzenegger also reiterated his pledge not to raise taxes. But Democratic leaders have said tax increases should be considered to close the shortfall. Last week, lawmakers passed one billion in emergency mid-year cuts to begin dealing with the projected 14 and a half billion dollar budget deficit.