City Considers Tougher Food Vendor Rules

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

City staff says conflicts within the city code and lack of enforcement have allowed mobile food vendors to operate on private property for too long. Brad Wasson is the city’s Revenue Manager. 

"We have received complaints about this prolonged vending. We also have concerns regarding public safety and aesthetics when vendors operate daily in one location." 

Under the new rules, lunch wagons would be banned in residential areas. And in commercial districts, vendors could only be open during daylight hours and for 30-minutes at a time.

Leilani Perez is with vendors El Tapatio and Lunch Rio Morales. She says the rules go overboard. 

"Thirty minutes is completely unreasonable. By the time you get the grill going for 20 minutes to get warmed up and your customers start lining up, you’ll be able to serve one person and then you’re going to have to turn the other customers away."  

But city staff says the 30-minute limitation will keep the vendors and their customers from creating traffic hazards….as well as cutting down on noise and littering. The City Council is expected to approve the new rules later this month.