Beef Recall Prompts State Legislation

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Democrat Dean Florez says some school districts have thousands of pounds of recalled beef sitting in freezers.  He’s introducing legislation to have the state reimburse those districts. 

  “Many of the small school districts from Sonoma down to Kern County have already said this could be a hit of anywhere between 20-thousand which sounds really insignificant but to a small school district is a really big deal--all the way up to 200-thousand…” 

Florez says his bill also directs California’s Attorney General to sue Chino meat packer Westland/Hallmark--  to collect the costs.  He’ll also hold a hearing on the issue next week. Governor Schwarzenegger says as soon as the Senator finds the money he’ll support his call for reimbursing the schools. The recall came about after the Humane Society released video of workers at the plant using questionable methods to get sick cattle to slaughter