Bankruptcy Threat Facing Vallejo

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

City officials are looking at salary rollbacks and staff cuts to deal with the deficit. But Police Chief Robert Nichelini says his department is already short staffed - down from a high of more than 200 to the current proposal of 187. 

"I thought it was kind of interesting sitting here – 187 is the California Penal Code section for murder…we’ve been murdered." 

City councilwoman Joanne Schivley says spending most of the city’s budget on police and fire has put them in the red. 

"The problem is the contracts and extending them is only going to extend the problem." 

Mayor Osby Davis is urging all sides to work together. 

"And it’s not going to be easy chief, it’s going to be tough. I mean we’re in a bad financial situation."

The city’s finance staff is putting together an emergency fiscal plan. They’ll release it next week.

In the meantime, a Town Hall meeting on the city’s money troubles is set for Thursday night.