State Senator Seeks Stricter DUI Law

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, February 18, 2008

In California a blood alcohol content of .08% can get you arrested for D.U.I.   But there can be enhanced penalties for drivers convicted of “excessive drunk driving”.  That’s when someone’s blood alcohol content is measured at .20%.  Senator Jenny Oropeza wants to reduce that threshold to .15% for first time offenders.  

 “Well the reason for this bill is that we still continue to have a very high percentage of traffic fatalities resulting from excessive alcohol use …”

Oropeza says judges can impose enhanced sanctions on first-time offenders with a high blood alcohol level. That includes requiring them to install ignition devices that won’t allow the car to start if the driver’s been drinking.  Oropeza just introduced the measure this month—it has not yet been assigned to a committee.