Supervisors Consider Changes To Fair Oaks Blvd

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The county wants to give Fair Oaks Boulevard a makeover. Change it from an automobile-oriented thoroughfare to a pedestrian friendly Main Street.

But should the boulevard stay four lanes or be widened to six? 

"It’s a very hotly debated issue out here in Carmichael." 

The project’s principal planner – Cindy Storelli – says they’re proposing a little bit of both. 

"It’s not a true four lane road and it’s not a true six lane road, it’s kind of a mixture. But we’re also looking at a balanced approach because we want to not just move cars, we also want to move people on bikes, pedestrians and allow for transit access." 

She calls it a Smart Growth Street Concept designed to help improve traffic flow and promote commercial and neighborhood vitality. If supervisors like it, road improvements could start as soon as next year.