San Juan Considers Scaling Back Summer Classes

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Like other districts around the state, San Juan Unified is grappling with Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed education cuts.

The district’s director of extended learning – Melissa Bassanelli – says one option is cutting back on summer classes. 

"In the past we’ve been able to offer courses for most anybody, 9th – 12th grade, but the funding at the state level has reduced dramatically." 

Bassanelli says under proposed changes, only “special ed” or remedial courses would be taught for students whose grades are slipping. 

"If they’re not making sufficient progress towards passing the High School Exit Exam, they will be able to enroll in summer school." 

But students who are doing well and want to take college preparatory classes this summer would be out of luck if the plan is approved.

District trustees are scheduled to vote on it Tuesday night.