Sac State: Applications and Admissions Both Up

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sacramento State barely missed its goal last year, by about half a percent.  But Fall 2008 applications are up almost 7 percent – and admissions are up, too.
Ed Mills is Sac State’s associate vice president for enrollment.  He says the university is speeding up its admissions process to let qualified students in more quickly.
Mills: “We had to review the files earlier; make admissions decisions earlier; and in fact, we’re doing that on a rolling basis.  So right now, we’re averaging about (a) two week turnaround from the time that a student applies until we’re sending out the admit letter.” 
Now, here’s why this is so important: The entire CSU system is expecting huge budget cuts thanks to the state’s $14 billion deficit, and each campus gets funded based on its enrollment.  So Mills says it’s critical for Sac State to meet its goal this fall.