Two Ballot Measures for June Deal with Eminent Domain

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, February 11, 2008

The most recent measure that qualified is backed by the League of California Cities. It limits the use of eminent domain. It will not allow governments to seize homes for private development—such as retail or commercial projects.  The other measure is supported by the California Farm Bureau. It also forbids taking private property for such uses and it includes a provision to end rent control. 

Kim Nalder teaches Government at Sacramento State University.  She says having two measures on the same subject is tough for voters. 

“You know we see that happening more and more in California elections where we have competing ballot measures that duel for peoples’ attention. And when that’s happened in the past it’s has ended up just causing a lot of confusion …” 

Each measure’s backers call the other’s initiatives flawed. Both come in response to a 2005 U.S.Supreme Court ruling.