Theatre Review: Doubt

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(Sacramento, CA)
Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sister Aloysius is a tough-minded nun with an icy gaze, who keeps her school under tight control. So when a young teacher raises a question about a priest who’s taken an interest in one of the boys, she is quick to assume the worst.

(excerpt from play)

The priest, for his part, denies it... but he’s also defensive.

(excerpt from play)

So where does the truth lie? And how do you get at it? There’s no real evidence. The laws of the state and the hierarchy of the church are both in play. The stakes – and the risks -- are considerable on both sides, and you can see the tension etched in the faces of actors Kurt Johnson and Catherine MacNeal. Keep in mind, this play is titled “Doubt.” There are plenty of clues, but ultimately, the playwright leaves you to draw your own conclusions. This taut, absorbing production makes is designed to keep you thinking long after the show ends. And as one character observes, in real life, the truth is sometimes confusing, with no clear conclusion.

"Doubt" continues at the B Street Theatre through March 15th