Theatre Review: Dinner With Friends

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 7, 2008

“Dinner with Friends” opens over a gourmet Italian meal, with wine bottles and risotto, introducing two couples who have been close friends for years.  But everything changes, very abruptly, when we find out that one marriage has snapped.

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This creates a delicate situation, which is all too common in everyday life. How do you, as a couple, remain in touch with friends who are splitsville? And what do you do when YOUR wife blames the other guy?

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This is not a play that takes sides. Nobody’s vindicated, no one takes revenge. It’s all about the aftermath of the breakup, when everyone’s avoiding the big elephant that just entered the room -- an experience that can be funny and painful at the same time. So if you’ve had one of those awkward conversations with a close friend, trying not to refer to a recent ex… you’ll find lots to identify with in this sensitively staged, Pulitzer-winning play.