Schwarzenegger's McCain Endorsement: What It Means

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 31, 2008
Sacramento State University Communications Professor Dr. Barbara O’Connor says it’s the most important Governor’s endorsement in the country: “They’re now calling him the endorsenator.” O’Connor says Schwarzenegger’s support is a big boost for McCain: “He’s a hero and a cult icon in a lot of ways and voters around the country who are also voting on Tuesday are going to be listening to that endorsement and say ok, well, if Arnold likes him, I have to like him too.” Republican analyst Dan Schnurr says the centrist Republicans most likely to be swayed by Schwarzenegger probably already planned to vote for McCain….and the more conservative ones aren’t likely to be persuaded: “So the Schwarzenegger endorsement, while it sends a good message,, probably doesn’t move a whole lot of votes.” A spokesperson for the Governor says there are no McCain campaign events on his schedule right now.