Governor's Health Care Plan: Rejected By Committee

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 28, 2008
The plan would have expanded coverage to millions – including all children. But recently the non-partisan legislative analyst said the program could be in the red within a few years….and Committee Chair, Democratic Senator Sheila Kuehl said that was critical: “it doesn’t matter if there are all these good things in the bill if there’s not sufficient funding to pay for them.” Senate Leader Don Perata co-wrote the bill…but said he couldn’t support it, given the state’s 14 billion dollar shortfall: “We now have a much different economic outlook, a much more dire economic forecast.” Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez was the lead author on the bill. He defended the effort: “I would challenge the members of the senate to come up with a plan that’s doable, that can withstand the same type of scrutiny.” In a statement, Governor Schwarzenegger called the rejection a setback…but said he would not give up trying for health reform.