Calif. Independent Voters Switching Parties

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 28, 2008

Remember talk about how big a role independent voters are playing in this year’s presidential primaries?  Well, in California, only the Democratic and American Independent parties allow decline-to-state voters to have a say in their primaries.  Republicans don’t.
Buyse: “So a lot of folks are getting their ballots for the non-partisan decline-to-state voter and there’s no candidates on it.” 
That’s Brad Buyse with the Sacramento County Elections department.  And while it’s not surprising that his department would be swamped with new voter registration forms turned in by presidential campaigns, Buyse says a lot of those forms are what he calls party-hoppers.
Buyse: “People are moving out of the Decline-to-State party for this election and selecting different parties.”

Buyse won’t give an official Super Tuesday turnout prediction yet, but he thinks it could be over 50 percent.