Underage Drinking Targeted In Rancho Cordova

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The proposed ordinance would make it a misdemeanor for the host of a party to let minors drink alcohol. The host must take all reasonable steps to prevent underage drinking – including controlling the quantity of alcoholic beverages and verifying the age of partygoers.

Rancho Cordova City Attorney Adam Lindgren says the proposed law includes some protections for parents. 

"If a teenager breaks into a liquor cabinet it may be in some cases unfair to hold a parent responsible if they’ve taken all the reasonable steps necessary to be appropriate and responsible in protecting their children and the community’s children from access to alcohol." 

Another exception to the law: it would not apply if the minors drinking alcohol are being supervised by their parents or guardians.

City Council members are expected to pass the ordinance Tuesday night.