A Tighter Cinch on Plastic Bags?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Democratic Assemblyman Lloyd Levine  says he wants to boost current efforts to recycle plastic bags and further reduce pollution. He’s proposing new legislation to create benchmarks.  Stores would have to show they have reduced or recycled 35 percent of plastic bags by 2011 and 70 percent by 2013.  Levine says there will be consequences for retailers if those targets aren’t met.  

 “If they cannot make that demonstration they will be banned from using plastic bags. The only exception is if the stores charge a minimum of fifteen-cents per bag…”  

 Levine’s new proposal comes on the heels of his bill that was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger. It requires larger grocers and retailers to set up recycling bins to collect plastic bags.  That went into effect in July.

The California Grocers Association has not yet weighed in on the proposal.  A spokesman for the organization says since they haven’t seen the bill’s language it would be premature to respond.