Wide Broadband Access in California

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 17, 2008
The task force appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger found 96 percent of Californians have access to broadband. But there are still close to one and a half million people – mostly in rural areas - that don’t. Task force co-chair Charlie Giancarlo says just over 50 percent of Californians subscribe to broadband service – but he says the state should look for ways to increase that: “That number lags, many if not most of our international competitors and this is what puts California and the rest of the United States at a disadvantage in an increasingly global economy.” Giancarlo notes access varies geographically in the state. He says some urban areas may be close to 100 percent….but in the Northern Sierra it’s only 57 percent. The task force recommends that estate encourage private sector investment in broadband.