The Power of Independent Voters

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 17, 2008
That’s according to a new study by the Public Policy Institute of California. The PPIC’s Mark Baldassare says the number of independent – or as we call them in California – decline to state – voters has doubled since 1990. Membership in political parties is shrinking…and independents now make up 19 percent registered voters. Baldassare says they’re not allowed to vote in the Republican primary – but they can vote in the Democratic one: “Many independent voters are young voters, highly educated voters, they’re highly attuned to multi-media and I think that you will see the candidates trying to reach out on the Democratic side.” The PPIC projects there will be more independent than Republican or Democratic voters by 2025. He says those who decline to state a party tend to put themselves in the middle of the political spectrum, while most Democrats say they’re liberal, and most republicans say they’re conservative.