GOP Candidates Give Nevada Short Shrift

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(Reno, NV)
Thursday, January 17, 2008
Unlike the Democratic campaigns, Republican candidates have not focused much attention on the Nevada caucuses. Ron Paul is the only candidate running T-V ads and he and Mitt Romney are the only candidates advertising on radio. Few have even come to Nevada.
Heidi Smith is the Republican Party chairwoman in Washoe County. She says the candidates who will get the most votes are the ones who actually spent time here.
I think you will see quite a few people voting for Ron Paul and you’ll find quite a few voting for Mitt Romney.  McCain is trying hard.  Duncan Hunter is trying hard. There is no Rudi Giuliani presence really of any sort and limited Fred Thompson.
Smith says there is an Eastern bias in the Republican Party. But University of Nevada, Reno political scientist Eric Herzik says the candidates have been focused on winning Michigan and South Carolina.
Both of those states have more delegates and both of those states are a more established stop on the primary trail and so, on the Republican side, Nevada just never gelled and faces competition from other places that the Democrats do not.
Herzik says, except for the Ron Paul campaign, the outcome of the Republican caucus will have little significance compared to the results for the Democrats.