Casino Workers Caucus Lawsuit Thrown Out

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(Reno, NV)
Thursday, January 17, 2008

Under the caucus rules, shift workers will be allowed to attend at-large precinct meetings in casinos rather than returning to their home precincts. A teachers union challenged the rule. Their suit claimed it showed preference base solely on employment. But the judge ruled the Nevada Democratic Party has a First Amendment right to set its own rules.
University of Nevada, Reno political scientist Eric Herzik says the suit was filed by Hillary Clinton supporters because the Culinary union endorsed Barack Obama
This is not good for the Democratic Party because it has two of their strong organized groups at odds with each other. I think that there are going to be hard feelings that whoever wins the caucus is going to have to sooth over come November.
Officials with the teachers union deny the lawsuit was a move to support Clinton’s presidential bid. With 60-thousand members, Culinary is Nevada’s largest union. By contrast, only 9-thousand Democrats statewide participated in the last caucus.