Theatre Review: rightnextto me

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

There are lots of musicals about falling in love. But Gregg Coffin’s new musical features couples for whom love is getting pulled apart. For one couple, it’s a breakup, and they’re hashing it out on their cell phones.

(music - spat)

There’s also a soldier in Iraq, separated from his wife by thousands of miles. Even though he’s tired, he’s compiling a list of things she’ll need to do since he’s away.

(music – hold on)

Coffin weaves these stories together cleverly. But what makes this sophisticated, small scale musical a standout is Coffin’s remarkable sensitivity to feelings and situations – including the emotional devastation that follows a character’s death. The show is called “rightnextto me,” and even though this is only January, I’m tabbing it as one of the best productions we’ll see all year in Sacramento.

"rightnextto me" continues at the B Street Theatre through February 24th.