Governor's Surprise Endorsement Angers Some

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Governor Schwarzenegger said in the past he would not endorse a change to term limits-- unless it was combined with a change to the way political districts are drawn.  But in a published Op-Ed column this week he said the current law gives special interests and lobbyists too much power and the change is needed.  Lew Uhler is with the National Tax Limitation Committee.  He opposes Prop. 93 and has sharp words for the Governor’s new stance. 

 “Clearly we are saddened when the leader of the state flip-flops on an issue, an issue as important as this one…”

Uhler says the measure is a deceptive attempt by incumbent lawmakers to hang onto their jobs. It would reduce lawmakers’ total time in office from 14-to-twelve years but will allow them to serve it all in one house. It will also allow some incumbents who would be termed out to stay in office.