Report Says More Should Be Done to Curb Smoking

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 10, 2008

California’s grades range from A to F on the annual American Lung Association report card that examines tobacco prevention policies.  The state gets an A for smoke free air.  The Association credits laws and local ordinances curbing smoking in public.  But California received an F for its spending on tobacco prevention.  Doctor David Burns with the American Lung Association of California says the state’s media campaigns and a telephone quit line are proven strategies to prevent smoking. But he says they need more funding. 

 “We don’t have enough money to provide telephone hotline assistance to all the people who want to use it and we don’t have enough media money to reach the population as it should be reached.”

The State Department of Public Health calls its policies a model and says they’re responsible for the second lowest adult smoking rate in the country.