Governor's Budget: Painful Cuts Proposed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 10, 2008
The 141 billion dollar spending plan cuts school funding by more than four billion. It closes 48 state parks and reduces lifeguards at some beaches. It calls for the early release of more than 20-thousand non-violent prisoners, and layoffs in the Department of Corrections. The Governor says the pain is being shared by all: “When we say across the board, even though some people criticize that, I say it was the fair way to do and we really went after every program.” One thing he was adamant that the plan does not do is raise taxes “I’m going to keep my promise. I will not raise taxes on the people of California because they’re already paying enough taxes.” However, the Governor does propose what he terms a fee of one and-a-quarter percent on residential and commercial property insurance. The Governor also called a fiscal emergency, triggering a special legislative session to deal with the deficit.