Reviews Mixed of Schwarzenegger's State of the State Address

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Senate’s top Democrat Don Perata says he doesn’t like the Governor’s proposal for a constitutional amendment.  It would trigger spending cuts in bad times and require automatic savings in good years.  Perata says those aren’t the right fixes for a dynamic state.

“He tried it through the legislature it failed, he tried it with the voters it failed, there’s no other alternative, so he’s coming back, it’s like I’m going to hold my breath until you change your mind.”

Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman says no one wants to talk about such plans when the economy’s good— so now’s the right time. 

 “It’s hard to get people to talk about reforms ‘cause they don’t want to talk about it, when there’s no money and we’re going broke it’s easier to talk about so I’m hopeful…”

Democrats say spending cuts alone can’t eliminate the deficit and tax increases should be considered.