Even Other Politicians Help Get Vote Out in Iowa

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(Carroll, Iowa)
Wednesday, January 2, 2008

**Hear the full interview with Assemblyman Jones by clicking the link at the right.**

When Assemblyman Dave Jones woke up Wednesday morning, it was zero degrees outside, with a wind-chill of -15.  On TV, every single commercial was a political ad.  But the Sacramento Democrat wasn’t complaining.  He’s making phone calls and knocking on doors for former Senator John Edwards in Carroll, Iowa.  And on Caucus Day, the assemblyman might become a chauffeur.
Jones: “As we approach the actual caucuses themselves around 5:30 or so, we’re gonna be involved in driving voters to the caucuses and doing work at the caucuses to organize.”
The presidential candidates have spent millions on turnout efforts, and Jones says it shows.  He’s worked on get-out-the-vote drives before – but says he’s very impressed by what he’s seen in Iowa.