Davis Double-Decker's Future Uncertain

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The red double-decker may look quaint but it wasn’t built with California air quality rules in mind. And those got stricter on January 1st.

Bus number 1014 was one of two buses brought over from England back in 1968 to help launch Unitrans – Davis’ transit system.

Anthony Palmere is with Unitrans. He says they’ll decide the fate of the bus after their 40th anniversary celebration this spring. 

"At that point we’re going to make a decision to either send it off to a collection, you know a museum of some type, or go through the same upgrade procedure that we’ve done with some of the other buses to retain it in service." 

Palmere says that upgrade would cost $30,000.

The rest of Unitrans’ double-decker fleet have modern engines that comply with state regulations.