Remembering Sheriff's Deputy Vu Nguyen

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, December 27, 2007

Two strong, proud traditions met Thursday morning in downtown Sacramento.  The first was law enforcement: Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of uniformed officers and deputies packed the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and the street outside. The second was the Nguyen family’s Catholic faith. 
Those who spoke said Vu Nguyen embodied both those traditions.  Here’s his brother, Anh Nguyen 
Nguyen: “What kind of a person gets asked to be best man four times?  What kind of man gets chosen to be godfather to multiple children in multiple families?  A special one indeed – a man among men.”
Nguyen was born in Vietnam, the sixth of 10 children.  His family was on the last helicopter airlift out of the American Embassy in April of 1975.  Nguyen grew up in Modesto and graduated with honors from Sacramento State.  And in 1999, he entered the police academy.  Chief Deputy Mark Iwasa says Nguyen was the most popular and respected recruit in his class.
Iwasa: “He finished as the top recruit academically.  He was voted the most inspirational by his classmates.  And he was selected as the most outstanding recruit of academy class 00-SBR83.”
Nguyen was sworn into the Sheriff’s Department on New Years Eve, 2000.  He earned his dream job as a detective in the gang suppression unit earlier this year.  Nguyen’s supervisor, Sergeant Randy Yen, said Nguyen epitomized the unit’s mission.
Yen: “Suppression, enforcement, prosecution, displacement and prevention through education will be the everyday goal of the gang suppression unit.  Well then, Detective Vu, mission accomplished.”
Vu Nguyen is survived by his wife of eight months.  He was 37 years old.