Rain Check: Not Enough Precipitation So Far in Valley

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The National Weather Service measures precipitation in what it calls “water years” – from October through September.  At the start of this month, Sacramento only had about half the normal amount of rainfall.  Now, says meteorologist Angus Barkhuff, it’s up to 90 percent.
Barkhuff: “So we’re still below normal for the year, and hopefully get a few more storms in here that’ll catch us up completely.”
But Barkhuff says that likely won’t happen very soon – at least in the valley.  There’s a good chance the Tahoe region will catch some snow, but Barkhuff says it won’t be that much.
In the meantime, wherever you live, keep that overcoat handy – it’s gonna get cold for the next few days.