Need For Blood Up During Holidays

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Leslie Botos with BloodSource says – this being the cold and flu season, many of their donors are too sick to give blood. Botos says there’s another reason to give – to help accident victims who may be traveling to the mountains or Bay Area and end up at a local hospital.

" We have people passing through where we live and work and often the tragedy is that they don’t make it to their destination, they’re injured right here, along with people who live in this area so not only are we taking care of our own, but we’re taking care of people who may be passing through the region. The need is huge."

Botos says blood donations also help patients being treated for cancer, heart disease and leukemia. BloodSource supplies blood to more than 40 area hospitals in Northern and Central California.