CHP Welcomes New Grads and Seeks New Recruits

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 24, 2007

The news of late about the state’s finances has been pretty grim and belt tightening is imminent… But California Highway Patrol Commissioner Mike Brown says the last few state budgets have been good to his department— and are allowing for more hiring.  He says last year’s budget kicked things off. 

  “We actually had 240 positions which is the first group of officers we received since 1969 that didn’t come with a corresponding new program or new responsibility that will give us a chance to catch up…” 

This year’s budget will allow for 120 hires.  He says the members of the graduating class will all be on patrol and will serve all over the state.  Cadets go through a six month training course and Brown says the C.H.P. is actively recruiting more.