Holiday Hiring Down

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, December 21, 2007
Like everyone else, local merchants are anxious about fluctuating gas prices and home values. So says David Lyons with the state Employment Development Department. 
"Typically during the season from October through November and then into December we add about 5,000 jobs. We’re sitting in at a little under 4,000 right now."  
Lyons says the latest employment figures also show construction jobs are down because of the ongoing housing lump.
But there is a bright spot – hiring is up at sierra ski resorts. And with all the new snow, we can expect even more hiring. 
"This is the best Christmas present they can get. Last year was a bad year - not enough precipitation. So it’s badly needed."    
The Sacramento area jobless rate was 5.6% in November – up a tenth of a point from October and up a full point from last year.