California Will Fight EPA Denial In Court

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 19, 2007
California wants to enforce the first-in-the-nation standards starting with 2009 cars and light trucks. The state’s Air Resources Board oversees air quality standards. Chairwoman Mary Nichols calls the denial disturbing: “We’re not happy. We intend to pursue our legal remedies to the fullest. As the Governor said, we will sue and sue and sue again until we get our legal rights.” The head of the U.S. EPA said the Bush administration wants a national solution, rather than a “patchwork” of state rules. In a statement, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called it disappointing that the federal government was – as he put it – standing in the state’s way. California needs the EPA’s permission to enforce legislation that will reduce emissions from cars by 30 percent over the next 8 years. More than a dozen other states also hope to follow suit.