Pollsters: Californians Prefer Cuts To Taxes

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mark Baldassare is President of the Public Policy Institute of California.  He says polls show voters overwhelmingly support the across the board cuts to help solve the budget problem. 

“Most Californians in our previous polls indicate that we could have 10-30 percent cuts in our budget and still have the same amount of services.  That’s how the public views the budget situation.”

On the other hand, he says support for new taxes has waned in recent years – even among Democrats.  He says a P-P-I-C poll in January of 2004 found half of Californians would accept tax increases.  But he says that figure was down to one-third in their survey this month.  One exception: a tobacco tax increase, which is included in the health care plan just passed by the State Assembly.  He says voters tend to favor cigarette taxes because they affect fewer people.