Business Journal: St. Hope Goes To Harlem

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 17, 2007
Oak Park natives might be familiar with St. HOPE. The nonprofit was started 18 years ago by former NBA all-star Kevin Johnson. It began as an after-school program in a portable classroom at Sacramento High School. Since then, St. Hope has added 14 businesses to the Oak Park neighborhood, created 282 jobs and provided more than $11 million in development projects. St. Hope has also opened a public charter school district. Its success has grabbed the attention of communities across the country. Eighteen months ago, a group of parents from New York City’s Harlem neighborhood approached St. Hope for help in improving their school. After a formal invitation from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, St. Hope has decided to make Harlem its first expansion site. Other communities that have expressed interest include New Orleans, Chicago and Washington DC.