SAFCA Board Approves Natomas Levee Improvements

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency, or SAFCA, is charged with renovating levees and dams to protect the region from floods.  And on Thursday, the board full of local city and county elected officials approved an environmental impact report and the second of three construction phases along the Sacramento River in Natomas, set for 2008.  SAFCA executive director Stein Buer:
Buer: “Looking at what happened in New Orleans, people are quick to say, you could’ve done more. You could’ve moved faster.  Why did you take so long to fix the problem?  I don’t ever want to face that question for Sacramento.” (0:12)
Dozens of residents asked the board to look for a better plan that didn’t affect their lives or property.  But SAFCA engineers said the project they’ve come up with affects the fewest number of people possible.
The Project
Construction from the northeast corner of Natomas to just below the Sutter/Sacramento county line will start in 2008 – assuming the federal government approves it as well.
The agency hopes to finish up the whole 25-mile stretch – all the way south to Interstate 80 – by 2010.