Consumer Groups: Car Buyers' Bill Of Rights Needs Tune-Up

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Under the law, consumers can pay extra for the option to return most used cars within two days – commonly called a “cooling off” period.
But Sacramento-area resident Lisa Emory says when she bought her new Camaro, she heard a different story from the dealer:

 “He told me it was a new law that they don’t offer the cooling off period and they slipped me a piece of paper and had me sign it.”

Emory says the car died in the driveway the next day. The group Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety argues dealers aren’t offering the return option – or are discouraging people from getting it.  They say the law needs more teeth – or should just be repealed.  The D-V-M says since the law went into effect it’s received 44 complaints.  Seven dealers have been cited.  A spokesman with the Motor Car Dealers Association says he believes dealers are complying with the law.