Theatre Review: Make Someone Happy

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tony looks like a slob, even in his uniform as a parcel delivery man. But Tony idolizes his polar opposite, a smooth singer named Tony Bennett, who grew up in the New York neighborhood where our parcel guy works.

(excerpt from play)

(music, rising)

Mr. Bennett doesn’t waste words. But our delivery man can’t stop talking. When he meets a young woman, he tells her that he’s been thrown out by his wife, and moved back in with mom.

(excerpt from play)

From this unlikely beginning, a relationship emerges, an unusual romance. Buck Busfield has created an oddball comedy that offers glimpses of the spiritual side of love, the sadder side of city life, and more. It’s a very interesting play.

"Make Someone Happy" continues at the B Street Theatre through January 6th.