Mercy Expansion Up For Vote

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

East Sacramento resident Will Green hopes council members reject Mercy’s $150 million project. He lives near 39th and H Streets and says previous hospital expansions have created too much traffic and noise.  

"Mercy says we have to grow and expand to meet our needs and we’re concerned about the further erosion and eating away at our residential neighborhood." 

Mercy spokesman Adam Silber says they’ve made compromises to accommodate neighbors.  

"We engaged the community and they said ‘look, it’s just too much for our neighborhood’ so we have made significant changes, in fact really transformed this project." 

Those changes include reducing the height of one of the new buildings and scrapping two new floors planned for the parking garage. If city council members approve the project, Mercy would make room for the expansion by demolishing several homes and relocating a school