Railyards Project Hits the City Council

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It’s the first of what could be several hearings for the downtown Railyards before the project’s likely approval next month.
City councilman Kevin McCarty is Sacramento’s vice-mayor.  He says there are still a few parts of the project left to negotiate.
McCarty: “There’s a couple of land-use issues regarding transportation and traffic and one-way street vs. two-way street; there’s a couple questions still on how they would implement the citywide affordable housing policy; not to mention the financing plan which we need to hammer out as well.”
McCarty says there’s only one chance to get the project right, and hopes to solve those problems before voting yes.
The Railyards would cover almost 250 acres just north of downtown.  The city released an economic analysis earlier this week that says the project would bring an estimated $33 million to the region over the next 20 years – along with almost 20,000 permanent jobs.