Father Pushes for More Safety Standards at Ski Resorts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 19, 2007

Dan Gregorie’s daughter died when she slipped and fell over a cliff at a Tahoe-area resort in February of 2006.  Gregorie says there were no signs posted to warn of the icy surface.  He’s now formed the California Ski and Snowboard Safety Organization.  He says the ski industry in the state has no uniform safety policies.

 “I believe there is substantial opportunity to prevent the kind of unfortunate tragedy that my daughter was the victim of. It would take so little to do so much…” 

Gregorie says he’d like to see better warning signs and more readily available information about accidents and deaths on the slopes.   A spokesman with the California Ski Industry Association says resorts located on federal lands have defined safety plans worked out with the forest service.  He says each resort is unique and uniform standards would be difficult.