Governor Featured In Environmental Ad

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 16, 2007

The ad is sponsored by Environmental Defense.  Along with Schwarzenegger, it features Governors Jon Huntsman, Jr. of Utah – also a Republican, and Brian Schweitzer of Montana – a Democrat. 

Keith Gaby is with Environmental Defense. He says Schwarzenegger’s willingness to be in the ad helped convince the other Governors to take part:

“Partially his star power, but partially just that he’s really taken action at the state level, gave this credibility.”

Schwarzenegger’s office also recently confirmed that the Governor and former vice President Al Gore are planning a bi-partisan presidential forum on energy and climate change in New Hampshire later this year.  
The ads will air in many states – but not California.  Environmental Defense says it was too costly to buy ad time in the golden state.