McCain Makes Brief Fundraising Stop in Sacramento

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Arizona senator held a small fundraiser Thursday morning at the Sheraton Grand Hotel.  Afterwards, he took a few questions.  One reporter asked McCain how much money he’s raised in the state so far.

McCain: “Not enough. There’s still a lot of money in California that I still need to get.  It’s a very rich state. They’ve stolen Arizona’s water.  At least they can pay us back in some fashion.  And the best way and most effective way probably would be to contribute to my campaign.” 
But seriously, McCain said, no one can take California for granted.  Candidates have to compete here – not just in the primary but the general election too.  And, he said, as a western senator, he understands local issues like land and water in a way other candidates don’t.
Still, a statewide poll earlier this month had him at 16 percent -- tied for 2nd place, but far behind Rudy Giuliani.