Alleged Hate Crime at Park Prompts Hearing

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 15, 2007

An alleged hate crime at Lake Natoma prompted the hearing… This past summer Satender Singh died following what witnesses say was an anti-gay and racially-charged attack.  Gay rights activist Derrick Lawson testified at the hearing. He says he’s noticed an increase in hostility against the gay community. 

People are getting yelled at more often there’s more incidents of graffiti and there’s this constant presence of protests at everything we do.” 

Democratic Assemblyman Mike Eng says there may be a need for more programs to encourage victims of hate crimes to come forward. Gary Graber with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says the reports of such crimes are down slightly. 

  “And I emphasize this is reported hate crimes. We’re never sure if reporting is reducing or the crimes are actually reducing…”

Assemblyman Eng says he may introduce legislation to address the issues of safety and hate crime reporting next year.