Democrats Health Care Bill Approved in Key Committee

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says what was approved by the Assembly health committee will likely not be the finished product.  He says he and the Governor are still working on a deal.  But no matter what there will be a vote on a bill right after Thanksgiving.

 “We’ve already decided what day we’re going to be voting on that deal. That’s how strongly we feel we’re going to be getting it done…”

Democrats have agreed to the Governor’s requirement that all Californians have health insurance. 

The two sides differ on how much employers should pay to provide coverage.  The Speaker’s bill now moves to a fiscal committee.  The committee also heard the healthcare plan by the Assembly Republicans. However, their measure that pushes incentives for health savings accounts and more retail clinics was not approved.