California Homeland Security Drill Tests Stockton

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(Stockton, CA)
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just after 9am, an explosion rocked University of the Pacific’s sports arena.

A couple dozen students evacuated, then lay down outside as if they were wounded, waiting for help.

About 40 minutes later, local fire fighters showed up. 
“We’re gonna try to corral everybody up so we can get them categorized …”
And first responders donned gas masks and bright green bio-hazard suits to practice decontaminating the wounded. 
“And they’re gonna go into a pool … and there’s showers.”
Steve Turner with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security says the goal was to find out how well officials responded. 
“So it’s dealing with mass decontamination, triage and treatment of large numbers of folks, and then command and control issues.” 
Now that it’s over, OHS will evaluate and report on what went right – and what went wrong.