Group Meets To Change Name Of Goethe Park

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 12, 2007

The park is named after Charles M. Goethe – a successful Sacramento developer and banker who gave away millions of dollars before he died in 1966.

But Goethe was also a white supremacist. Wanda Williams recently found that out for herself. 

"…and so I just Googled him and it just blew my mind."

Williams is an officer worker at Rosa Parks Middle School – formerly known as Goethe Middle School. She helped persuade school officials to make the name change. Now she and other activists are taking aim at the park. 

"…and I’m sure a lot of people, just because of sentimental reasons, won’t want to see it changed but I think once you realize what this man represents you can’t have sentimental reasons with the name."

The park sits on more than 400 acres along the American River Parkway. Community activists hope to persuade county supervisors to approve the name change.